The Hare And Hounds

Watery Lane

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Sunday Main Menu (not including roasts)


All items are subject to availability and menus are subject to change.










Minted Lamb shank
Lamb shank in a mint gravy served with creamy mash and roasted root vegetables
Broad bean, garlic and asparagus risotto topped with Parmesan
may contain: V
Pie of the Week
Served with mash, seasonal vegetables and gravy
Chickpea & Spinach Curry
Served with rice and naan bread
may contain: V VEA
H & H Ploughman’s
Cheddar, stilton, ham, pate, pork pie, warm crusty baguette, pickles, boiled egg and salad

Cheese and tomato
may contain: GFA , V
Double pepperoni
may contain: GFA

All burgers topped with lettuce, sliced onions, sliced tomato and served with skin on fries and coleslaw                  
Plain Beef Burger
1 patty £7.00 / 2 patties £9.50 Add american cheese 50p Add stilton cheese 75p Add bacon £1.00
H&H Burger
2 x 4oz beef patties, southern fried chicken fillet, 2 rashers of bacon, american cheese and onion rings
SF Chicken Burger
2 american style southern fried chicken fillets Add american cheese 50p Add bacon £1.00
Beetroot, red peppers and quinoa burger topped with salsa
may contain: VE
Not so Beef Burger
Quarter Pounder style burger
may contain: VE
Not so Chicken Burger
Panko breaded chicken style patty topped with vegan sriracha mayo
may contain: VE

Chips / Skin on Fries / Curly Fries

may contain: GF, VE
Cheesy Chips

may contain: GF, V
Seasoned Chips

may contain: GF VE
Onion Rings

may contain: V
Garlic and Rosemary Pizza Bread
12 inch £6.25 1/2 £4.95
may contain: V, GFA
Cheesy Garlic and Rosemary Pizza Bread
12 inch £6.80 1/2 £5.30