The Hare And Hounds

Watery Lane

Telephone: 02476332716

Main Menu


All items are subject to availability and menus are subject to change.









Allergies - V- Vegetarians, VE- Vegan, G - Gluton free, GA- Gluton free option also available                  
Burgers & Hotdogs                  
All served with fries and coleslaw                  
Plain Beef Burger
ADD Cheese 50p, ADD Bacon 50p, Add Beef Chilli �1.50
Black & Blue Burger
Beef burger topped with Stilton, black pudding and a fried egg
Old English Burger
beefburger topped with stilton & Bacon
Hare and Hounds Burger
beef burger, sfc fillet, bacon, onion rings topped with cheese
SFC Fillet Burger
Add cheese 50p Add Bacon 50p
Mexicano Chicken Burger
2 SFC Fillets topped with spicy cheese, jalaapenos and salsa
Peri Peri Chicken Breast Burger
Beetroot, Red Pepper & Quinoa Bruger VE
Served with fries and salad
Classic Hot Dog
topped with onions ADD Cheese 50p ADD Beef Chilli �1.50
Main Dishes (Classics)                  
Beer Battered Fish
Served with Chips and mushy peas
Peri Peri or Hunters Chicken
Served with chips or salad
8oz Rump Steak
Served with chips, onion rings, mushroom and salad (Add additional 8oz rump steak/chicken breast or 2 SF Fillets -for �18.95
Served with garlic bread and salad
Chicken Tikka Curry (V)
Served with rice and naan
Chick Pea, Spinach & Sweet Potato Curry
Served with rice and naan
Pie of the Week
Served with chips. garden peas and gravy
Jacket Potato
a choice of filling and side salad Cheese and Beans �5.50 Tuna Mayonnaise �5.50, Beef Chilli �7.00
H & H Pizzas                  
Stone-Baked 12 inch sourdough pizzas (Gluton free option available) Add extra topping for 1.00 per item                  
Cheese & Tomato (V) (GA)
Americano (GA)
Pepperoni, red onions, sliced peppers and chilli flakes
Hawaiian (GA)
ham and pineapple
Meat Feast
Pepperoni, ham, spicy beef and meatballs
Pepperoni (GA)
Double pepperoni
Spicy Vegetable (V) (G)
Onions, mushrooms, peppers and jalapenos
Goats Cheese (V) (GA)
Tomato and basil pesto pizza
Popping Chicken Pizza
SFC chicken pieces, red onions, sliced bacon and BBQ sauce
Chips/ Fries/Curley Fries (VE) (G)
Cheesy Chips (V) (G)
Seasoned Chips (G)
Onion Rings (V)
Garlic pizza Bread
Cheesey Garlic Pizza Bread
Breaded Halloumi Chips (V)
served with sweet chilli dip
BBQ or Peri Peri Chicken Wings
with garlic mayo dip
Breaded Cream Cheese Japapeno Peppers (V)
served with salsa dip

Sharing Platters
Mini Clucking Platter
3 BBQ or Peri Peri Wings/2 Boneless Strips/ 1SF Fillet/Small Popcorn Chicken/ 2 dips
Large Clucking Platter
5 BBQ or Peri Peri Wings/5 Boneless Strips/ 2 SF Fillet/Large Popcorn Chicken/ 2 dips
Beef Chilli/ Jalapenos/ Cheese/ Sour Cream/ Tomato Salsa

Available daily until 17.00 (Sundays 11.30am) All breakfasts are served with a choice of toast, fried bread or bread and butter                  
Small Breakfast
Sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding, hash brown, mushroom, beans & tomatoes
Large Breakfast
2 Sausage, 2 bacon,2 eggs, 2 black pudding, 2 hash brown, mushroom, beans & tomatoes
Vegetarian Breakfast
2 Vegetable sausages, 2 hash browns, egg, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes
Breakfast Sandwich or Batch
2 items £2.50, 4 Items £3.50 Choose from sausge, vegetable sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding, hash brown, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes